Car Wash Sevices
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FULL SERVICE CAR WASH               $12.00

Soft cloth wash, vacuum floors, clean inside windows, wipe dash & door jamb, and towel dry exterior.

EXTERIOR CAR WASH                      $7.00

Soft cloth wash, towel dry exterior and door jambs

MINI VANS, TRUCKS,                       $1.00 ex.SMALL SUV's
(rear area vacuuming not included)

FULL SIZE VANS,                             $2.00 ex.TRUCKS, LIMO'S, FULL SIZE SUV's
(rear area vacuuming not included)

POLY-SEAL WAX                              $2.00

Special coat of wax protection

POLY GOAM POLISH                          $4.00 

A  Blend of High gloss Foam Polish

RUSTITE UNDERCOAT                        $3.00w/Chassis Bath

2-step underbody pressure wash and rust inhibitor spray to prevent rust

FLOOR MATS - Set of 4                     $3.00

Scrubbed and shampooed depending on type of mat

FRESH-SCENTS                                $2.00

Nu-Car, Baby Powder, Pina Colada or Jasmine scent added to car

WHEEL-BRITE                                   $2.00 (Rims)

TIRE-BRITE                                      $1.00 (Whitewalls)

TIRE-SHINE                                      $3.00

The Ultimate

Car Wash           $12.00
Poly-Seal Wax      $2.00
Poly-Foam Polish   $4.00
Rustite Undercoat. $3.00
Fresh-Scent         $2.00
TOTAL               $23.00
YOU SAVE            -7.00

YOU PAY ONLY    $16.00

The Protector

Exterior Car Wash    $7.00
Poly-Seal Wax         $2.00
Poly-Foam Polish      $4.00
Rustite Undercoat.   $3.00
TOTAL                 $16.00     
            YOU SAVE - 6.00

YOU Pay ONLY       10.00$